11 Tips for Phone Sales Success

Phone Sales

Phone sales is a whole different ballgame and it takes a certain type of person to hit homers out of the ballpark. Here are some tips and tools of the trade that we have picked up with our phone sales experiences...

  1. Study your presentation. Practice it. Know it by heart. Never sound like you are reading from a script or else you will certainly be losing the attention of your potential client very quickly.
  2. Listen to your customer. Your customer will tell you how to close them. They will tell you what their pain is and if you aren't listening to them, you'll miss it. Jot down notes of EVERYTHING they say.
  3. Be consultative. Be sure you are speaking with your customer not to your customer. Provide them with useful information about what you are selling and help them to choose the right product or service.
  4. Address them by their name. People love to hear their own name being said. When you are on a first name basis with someone, it also helps build a bond with them showing that you are a friend of theirs. Also, be sure to write down his/her name on a piece of paper in front of you. Last thing you'd want to do is forget it!
  5. Be conscious of your tone of voice. Since you don't have the benefit of using body language to converse with your client, you need to ensure that you are using a friendly phone conversation voice.
  6. Paint pictures. Since your customer can't see you, it's up to you to make sure you are creating a visual presentation over the phone. Use descriptive words, describe certain scenarios, etc.
  7. Stand up. If your desk and office space allows for it, standing up has proven to be a great way to expand your voice, energy and focus. This will have your customer knowing that you're excited about what you're selling.
  8. Focus on the customer. This ties back to listening to your customer. Don't be fiddling around or checking emails while your customer is talking. You may miss a very important piece of information while doing so.
  9. Let the customer hang up first. You'll be surprised how many customers I have heard talking about my product when they thought I hung up. Whether good or bad, you can utilize this information on the next call.
  10. Enthusiasm. This is probably the most important tool you can use when selling something over the phone. If you're not enthusiastic about the product you are selling, your customer won't be either.
  11. Use open-ended questions. It's your job to force the customer to open up and reveal important information that can help you close them. Don't just ask them simple "Yes and No" questions. (Unless you're attempting the "Yes" close!