We have all had that one manager who we all admire and look up to. I'm going to be telling you about my first manager that I've ever had and taught me most of the basics that still to this day I hold very dearly.

The reason that he even rates to have an article in this blog written about him is that he was very successful with three (and ONLY three) closing techniques that he used on a daily basis and would almost ALWAYS get the deal closed.

Unfortunately, utilizing these three closing techniques together can be very difficult but, with practice, will help you close more deals. That's why I'm going to thoroughly explain how it's done... so you can get to practicing and closing!

First, we will go over the three techniques in which we will be discussing today:

  1. The Selective-Deafness Close - Don't laugh! It Works and I'll show you how.
  2. Repetition Close - If it isn't working, keep on keeping on until it works!
  3. Handshake Close - Just throw it out there until they shake it!

We worked at a car dealership. I was fresh on the floor. He was the general sales manager. Those of you who are familiar with the sales process at dealerships, you already know that the manager always T.O.'s the customer before they walk out of the doors without buying a car.

-T.O. (TURNOVER): The procedure used in selling where the salesman or liner turns a prospective buyer over to another salesman or sales manager to close the sale.

Now, what he did was just pure brilliance but, to the naked eye, you'd probably think he was an idiot that only knows how to do the same thing over and over and over again. Maybe he is a little bit of an idiot. But it worked for him!

What he would do first is walk over with the biggest, brightest and cheesiest smile I've ever seen come out of anybody's mouth before. He would start the transaction with a handshake. 

He would then say, "Are you the people who have been beating up my nice salesman all day?" He would usually get quite a few laughs out of this line. It was a great way to break the ice and lighten up the mood.

He would ask them how they liked the car and if there was anything they didn't like about it. When they would say that they loved it but the payment was just too high, he would completely disregard the latter part of their response and reply with "I couldn't agree more, this is a fantastic vehicle and I can't wait to see you on the road, driving your new car around." This was Selective-Deafness at it's finest.

They would push back and repeat that they cannot afford it and needed to think about it some more.

"Look, you came here to buy this car so I know you want to buy this car today. And I came to work today wanting to sell you this car today, so I'm definitely going to be selling you this car today. So what's it going to take to get you to buy my car so I can go sell those other nice people a car today?" he would ask while pointing to another group of customers in the next office.

He didn't care what they replied to this question with. Typically, they would always say that they needed us to lower the payment so they can fit it into their budget but he paid absolutely no mind to this. He didn't care.

He would then repeat himself by saying, "You want this car and I want you to have it. Let's take this over to my office so we can get the paperwork drawn up and get you on your way in this new car."

The customer would then plead with him saying that they needed a lower payment.

This is when he would actually and finally address their concern "Look, the price is what the price is. I can't change that. You can't change that. You do love this car though and I need to get you into it so you can have a great rest of the day while driving it around and I'm not leaving until you buy my car. Let's make this happen now."

He would end the transaction with a handshake. He would put on this huge grin and hold his hand out there until the customer shook it. If the handshake didn't happen right away he would say, "Come on, shake my hand. You're buying my car. It's already yours. You've already bought it from me. Let's make this happen now so you can start driving it."

Sometimes, I feel like the customers would just shake his hand so that he would stop repeating himself. They were so worn out and physically, mentally and emotionally drained by the time he was done with them that all they would want to do was sign the paperwork and get away from him. But it worked. And it worked a lot. It truly does take a professional to master the three of these closing techniques together properly but once you have it down, you'll be a repeating closer. Pun intended.